Ecosystem Services

KÄÄPÄ Biotech offers several products and services for the forest industry. 


Chaga cultivation service

KÄÄPÄ Forest is the forest services subdivision of KÄÄPÄ Biotech - committed to healthier ecosystems. KÄÄPÄ Forest promotes versatile use of forests and the forest cultivation of chaga. 


Chaga cultivation



Forest biodiversity service

Fungi play a significant role in biodiversity. KÄÄPÄ Forest has developed a biodiversity service to increase the biodiversity in your own forest ecosystem by inoculating important fungi species that benefit the well-being of flora and fauna.

Biodiversity service





Ectomycorrhizal (ECM) pairings help with outplanting success, giving a major boost to reforestation efforts. KÄÄPÄ Biotech offers ECM services to improve the survival and growth of tree seedlings.




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