Turkey tail mushroom

KÄÄPÄ Biotech has offered consulting services for the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) of the UK to enhance the well-being of gardens. RHS has now included fungi in their gardens to educate and inspire people visiting the gardens of the benefits of fungi. 

KÄÄPÄ Biotech has done extensive research on the growing of fungi and its benefits on the ecosystem and biodiversity. Based on this knowledge, KÄÄPÄ Biotech’s Director of Mycology Lorin von Longo-Liebenstein and Laboratory Manager Joette Crosier offered RHS with consultation on different ways to utilize garden niches to help desired fungi thrive, as well as which species to consider.  

The avoidance of fungi in the gardens and the application of fungicides, on the other hand, allows more disease to grow in the garden. Unfortunately this also limits the diverse and rich microbiome to grow and thus to create healthier environments for plants, animals and people. 

For more information on Royal Horticultural Society, see RHS website

Jassy Drakulic on Twitter

Jassy Drakulic, RHS Plant Pathologist on Twitter