Nutraceutical Business Review:


KÄÄPÄ Biotech's Doug Brunson, May Almog and Peter Petros explain the need, application and benefits of using ultrasonic-assisted extraction (UAE) as a way to optimize the bioavailability of mushroom extracts.

Without an extraction process many of the Compounds of Interest would be locked within the chitin wall of the mushroom and would pass through the human digestive system untapped. Ultrasonic-assisted extraction method offers a safer and more efficient way for extraction as compared to traditional extraction methods. 

A summary of the benefits of UAE are presented below:

  • dramatic increase in COI yield
  • greatly reduced extraction time
  • faster and more effective mixing and reduced reliance on additional extraction steps8
  • reduced thermal degradation of thermolabile mushroom constituents as UAE requires lower temperatures compared with conventional methods
  • less energy intensive process, making UAE a more environmentally sustainable method compared with conventional extraction processes
  • removes the need for harsh extraction solvents, which can be replaced with Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS) ones such as water to achieve full-spectrum extracts.9,10


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